Bagabonds is a social media art project that has been ongoing since 2016 and that arouses curiosity about culture, art and diversity.
For the photos, the artist or one of the participants wears the bagabond, a large-format “bag mask”, over their heads. Protected by this anonymity, the photographed person can escape his own and is allowed to act out of character. He therefore discovers new identities within himself. The Bagabond is a virtual character that unites diverse identities.
The aim is to arouse the desire to leave one’s own “filter bubble”. With the help of extraordinary Bagabond photos and videos in social media, various events and engagements in the fields of art, culture, architecture, social affairs or nature are brought into focus. The Bagabonds project also visits local, national and international events such as the CSD, Gallery Weekends, exhibitions and rallies. But also dedicated individuals and groups or spontaneous street photography are often content of the posts.