Crepuscolo della Creatura

Tatjana Lee - Lukas Taido - Udo Rein

CREA Cantieri del Contemporaneo, Guideca 211, VENICE, Italy

28th Oct. – 27. Nov. 2022

Opening 28 th Oct. 2022, 6 – 9 pm

Curated by Dr. Elmar Zorn, Pier Paolo Scelsi

Tatjana Lee

Augmented Reality Effects (AR)

  • You will need an updated Version of the Instagram app in order to try out the AR effects.
  • The tap on the picture will open a corresponding link to the AR effect on Tatjana Lee’s Instagram profil.
  • Then all you have to do is to find the artwork with your mobile phone’s camera.
  • Please feel free to take a picture or video with the effect and share it with following and tagging @tatjanalee

Dawning of the Creature

The dawn often stands for a leap into the unknown, a premonition of a new era. The twilight that comes with it gives it something magically mysterious.

Tatjana Lee’s pictures let the viewers dive into their own secrecy. By guiding them back to the ability of magical thinking of their childhood days, they become a part of the work and can catch a glimpse beyond the horizon of their own identity.

Like a window into another dimension, a new world is revealed to the visitor via his mobile phone. A hidden, digital meta-content bring the paintings to life via the Instagram app using augmented reality.

The incomprehensible and ubiquitous property of digitality thus becomes the twilight that embraces the creature visiting the exhibition.


Bio Tatjana Lee

Tatjana Lee is a cosmopolitan artist with a half Korean and half German background. After her medical doctorate, she attended the Media Design Academy in Munich and private art academies.

This was followed by the opening of the studio in Munich, solo and group exhibitions, gallery representations in Berlin, London, Vienna and Sibiu as well as purchases in public collections.

She is active in the artist community on the board of the BBK Ingolstadt, as a state delegate in the BBK Bavaria and as a deputy federal delegate.

In addition to traditional and digital art, she is an early adopter of the NFT scene and connector of the NFT community. Her digital works can be found in international projects and collectors with other renowned NFT artists.

Lukas Taido


Audio/ Video installation by Lukas Taido

First Setup: CREA Venice gallery, October 28th – November 28th 2022, Venice, Italy

„I have always been amazed at the way an ordinary observer lends so much more credence and attaches so much more importance to waking events, than to those occurring in dreams“

André Breton, 1924

1) All people who are awake and conscious around the world at a certain moment, share a portion of one single (definably objective) reality. Via different medias and options of telecommunication, this single reality can be perceived as being shared by all.

2) During that very same moment, hundreds of million people around the world who are asleep and actively dreaming, inhabit and experience a unique, single personal reality, unaware of its temporary character.

3) Comparable to quantum levels, these millions of realities co-exist during every single moment in time.

4) Each individual can be a part of a multitude of quantum levels or subjective dreams at the same time, but never be observer of more than one.

5) These millions of dreams are inaccessible to everybody else. We can watch the dreamer, measure their brain waves, rapid eye movements, pulse, respiration and much more, but are unable to see or even experience their dreams.

6) Some scientists say, this will be possible though in a couple of decades, using advanced measuring methods and A.I.

7) Dreams are one of the most personal, subjective and unshareable experiences there are.

8) During my voluntary night in the ASR medical sleeping laboratory in Berlin’s Charite Clinic on August 19th 2022, more than 100.000 units of multichannel digital data were recorded, mainly brain wave activity.

9) The data recorded during the phases of dreaming (indicated by the rapid eye movements or R.E.M.) is driving the soundtrack of the installation on numerous levels.

10) A visual animation of the data obtained during my dream phases is also projected to the outer gauze screens, which acts as a barrier and represents the inaccessibility of the dreams inside for anybody else besides the individual.

11) While we are awake, the outside world greatly determines our destiny. We actively struggle to influence the course of events. In dreams, solely our subconscious determines everything. Here, there is no relationship between external influence and inner striving. The dream follows a storyline we cannot control.

Lukas Taido is a Berlin-based, internationally working media-artist. His audio- and audio/videoinstallations have been shown in the Shanghai Tower (China), Castle of Weimar, in Debrecen (Hungary), the TV Tower in Dortmund, at the airport in Munich, in Kortreijk (Belgium), at the Volksbühne theatre, the Alte Münze and Funkhaus in Berlin and many other places. He was also involved in the official 100 years Bauhaus celebration in Dessau, and a large audio/video installation in BadHomburg castle contemplating on the works of German poet Hölderlin.


instagram: lukas.taido

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