Evolution is a digital art project using the Meta Reality (MetR) effect. It is sold as NFTs.

Virtual and Augmented Reality need digital devices to visualize an image. Meta Reality uses the physiology of the human retina and brain cortex to bring the work to life.

(Hit the play button to view the MetR experience below)

After 30 seconds of “imprinting”, the participant of this art experience will see
an unreal, floating image with meta colors, while looking on an empty screen

The actual work of art only exists virtually for a few seconds in the human random access memory of the viewer. The intangible image is the symbolic visualization of creative, virtual worlds that are opened up through digital art.

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The Evolution Project

The Evolution Series consists of different MetR Spheres: Genesis, New Horizons, Inner Peace. They are sold on Rarible as NFTs.

Each Evolution Cycle comes with its own atmospheric sounddesign by Kenji Araki.

New Horizons
Inner Peace

If you collect three different “Evolution Spheres” (Genesis, New Horizons, Inner Peace) and hold them in you wallet on July 1st 2021, you can claim the “Independence” Sphere on the Meta Reality Discord Server.