Tatjana Lee

Inspire People
and Open Minds

As children, we create magical worlds in which anything is possible. Language, culture or origin are not important – the only thing that matters is playing together and the magical world that is created purely through our imagination.

With my art I aim to restore this childhood ability and to open our minds to new inspiration. My work surprises, amazes and fascinates, in order to free the thoughts from entrenched opinions so one can evolve – for a more tolerant world and the courage to embrace diversity.

My internationally successful art project Bagabonds, which makes diversity visible via social media, conveys this mission just like my pictures, which fascinate people from Vienna to Munich, Berlin to London, Sibiu and Seoul.

Are you ready to join me on this magical journey and live your dreams again?


Tatjana Lee is a cosmopolitan artist. With a Korean mother and a German father, she grew up in a field of tension between two very different cultures. After her doctorate as a doctor, she gained agency experience in Frankfurt, attended the Media Design Academy in Munich and private art academies.

This was followed by the opening of the studio in Munich, solo and group exhibitions, gallery representations in Berlin, London, Vienna and Sibiu as well as purchases in public collections.

She is active in the artist community on the board of the BBK Ingolstadt, as a state delegate in the BBK Bavaria and as a deputy federal delegate.

In addition to classical painting, she is an early adopter of the NFT scene and host of „Der NFTalk“. Her digital works can be found in international projects and collectors with other renowned NFT artists such as XCopy, Pak and Sabet (e.g. Kolectiv.gg, Hypira.com)

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